Please read on to find out more about the fabulous experiences just some of our clients have had at 5 Star Fitness.

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Diane McElwee

I thoroughly enjoyed my summer slim down experience. Great results in shedding some pounds but more importantly inches and body fat. Really helpful to have guidance on the right foods to eat, not feeling hungry and keeping within a calorie range. The training is always five star – good fun but pushes you beyond what you can achieve on your own.


I’m 62. I am definitely not a gym bunny. I’ve never stuck at previous gym memberships for more than a few months because it was excruciatingly boring and completely uninspiring.

Training with Kenny and Daz at 5 Star is SO not like going to a gym. Yes they tell me off for eating chocolate. Yes they work me hard and make me sweat and push me to do just a bit more every time I go. But as well as that they encourage me to be better than I am. They listen to me when I cry over some man. They understand completely when I’m miserable and all I need is to talk. They boost my confidence and treat me like a whole person not just a set of muscles.

And so after 2 years of never even wanting to miss a session, I am a different person. I am more confident and outgoing, I’ve got a better shape, I sleep better, I laugh more and I feel stronger and healthier.

I’m still a bit overweight but it is a work in progress –as far as I am concerned a party without cake is just a meeting. And I am happy in my skin.

Stuart Doran

I would strongly recommend 5 Star Training as an extremely professional and capable team who understand how to achieve optimal results for individuals. Their understanding of how to combine strength, conditioning and nutrition leads to great results for their clients and whilst working with Jamie I have been in the best condition in my life. They take their time to understand you as a person and what your gaols are in order to personalise a programme that will ensure your individual success. Jamie has a seemingly inexhaustible source of knowledge and experience, and dare I say it, patience – especially when I ask a load of questions of him. My experience of working with the other guys has been just as positive and they are as friendly as they are capable. I think what clearly shows through is that all of the team have played to a high standard in a number of sports and therefore they actually know what works in practice, rather than having simply read it in a magazine. For anyone who is considering checking out 5 Star Fitness I couldn’t recommend it highly enough

Phil Craddick​

I cannot begin to thank you for all your help and support you have given me over the last few months. I have never felt better than I do at the minute.​ Initially I was nervous when coming to see you because I knew how unfit and out of shape I was, however, from the minute I walked in I was made to feel welcome and I knew I had made the right choice. The training has been hard but improvements I have been astounded me personally and I cannot wait for the next 12 week course to start. Joining 5 star has certainly helped me to start to change my lifestyle, long may it continue.

Claire-Louise Johnson

Before I came to 5 star fitness, I was overweight, unfit and extremely lethargic. I knew I had to do something about my lifestyle and the way I had been feeling, But unfortunately, there was no magic pill, and it wasn’t a short-term fix I needed. I’d considered coming to 5 star fitness before, but never thought it would be my sort of thing! However one day I plucked up the courage, hauled myself up those stairs, and committed myself to a 12 week programme. ​Being an exercise ‘novice’ I didn’t know what to expect and i was very apprehensive. In fact initially I was very embarrassed to admit that I couldn’t even jog for 1 minute for fear of collapsing in a heap on the streets of Castleford. However Jamie was brilliant he put me at ease straightaway and allayed my fears. He took a genuine interest in me and my concerns, and any equipment used and any exercises undertaken were fully explained and demonstrated as we went along.​ The food and dietary advice has been fantastic. I’ve never felt hungry, I’ve been encouraged to snack regularly and I’ve steadily lost weight! 12 weeks on I am amazed and delighted with the results. I have lost more than 1 ½ stone of fat, dropped 2 dress sizes and my fitness levels have improved dramatically (I can now run for 30 minutes before i collapse!) It would have been very difficult to do without your encouragement, support and expertise. You have done exactly what you said you would – plus it has given me energy and a confidence I never thought i would or could have! I feel fantastic!! What more can i say? It really has been money well spent and I do not hesitate in recommending you highly to everyone who asks me how I’ve done it! Thank you once again”.


​I originally came to 5 star fitness to try and get some relief from severe lower back problems. I have suffered from three slipped discs over the last few years and wI originally came to 5 star fitness to try and get some relief from severe lower back problems. I have suffered from three slipped discs over the last few years and was finding simple day to day tasks increasingly difficult. Short car journeys meant strong pain killers before setting off, housework needed an ice gel pack tucked into my waistband. The results I have achieved are way beyond what I expected or hoped for, I cannot remember the last time I took pain killers, even a holiday to the Scottish highland required only a cushion for the drive! They now have me doing exercise that I didn’t think were possible for someone like me, their continual support and encouragement have inspired me to carry on with the exercise programme so hopefully in the not too far distant future I will look as good as I feel. Also, anyone reading this who would love to start but finds the prospect intimidating as I did, don’t worry. Walking through the door the first time feeling far, unfit and middle aged is the only time I have felt self conscious, they are really friendly and not at all judgemental so give them a try. Thanks both of you.

Becky Stenson

Thank you for everything you have done for me over the last six months. I have enjoyed every minute of it and it has been the best money i have spent.

Tim and Andrea

Just a big thank you for all your advice, help and support on training both for the London marathon. Our goals were 3 hours 45min. We both achieved this, We would not have been able to do this without your training program that you gave us. We have learnt so much from you guys not only from the training but also from the excellent advice you gave us on what to eat and when to eat. It was a total pleasure to train with you all Regards to you all.

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